with copper or fibre optic conductors

Copper conductors, Cat 3 - 5 - 5e - 6 - 7 UTP, UTPp, FTP, S-FTP, S-FTPp and S-STP Cables, single - siamese and single Patch Cables

FO conductors, e.g. LC/LC, simplex and duplex, various fibres types - Please see the specification of available types and quantities here.

flame retardant: (PVC sheath) or LSFROH: (PE sheath) low smoke, halogen-free and fire retardant or LSOH: low smoke, halogen-free - see specification -

Various types, capacities and lengths available!
Please let us have your enquiries!

technical data for cables with copper conductor:
UTP: unshielded twisted pairs, siamese or Patchcable version;
S-FTP: shielded foil and braid twisted pairs, single or siamese version, solid copper conductors or Patchcable, standed copper wires;
S-STP: individually foil-shielded twisted pairs with overall Cu-braided screen

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