FRP Elements

Metal-free round support and strain-relief elements for fibre optic cables made from E-Glass rovings, used e.g. as central strength member, with or without EAA-coating. We can supply various sizes from 0,4 – 6,0 mm diameter (or as required by client).

In our Hamburg magazin we are keeping stock of the most popular sizes.

Standard length per reel 50,4 km, depending on FRP diameter – special lengths according to customer's requirements.

Our standard FRP (with the exception of the small diameters) are normally being produced using 1200tex fibre glass rovings, bending radius, e.g. for 1,4 mm Ø, as follows

min. bending radius 35 x D @23°C
heat stress 50 x D @100°C for 8 days

When smaller bending radius is required, we can also offer FRP rods made from a combination of other tex grades, e.g. for Ø1,4 mm from 600 & 800tex, thus achieving

min. bending radius 25 x D @23°C
heat stress 40 x D @100°C for 8 days


Glass contents ≥ 80% (by weight)
Density 2,1 gm/cc
Diameter stability ± 0,05 mm
Ovality ≤ 0,05 mm
Splices none
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